2021 Asia Pacific Social Innovation Summit


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Date: April 9-11, 2021
Location: Sheraton New Taipei Hotel, New Taipei City Civic Plaza
The 4th Asia-Pacific Social Innovation Summit, themed "Investing Asia: Creating a Sustainable and Resilient New Era," aimed to encourage cross-sector partners to take concrete actions in the field of social innovation and promote the values of environmental, social, and economic well-being. It also sought to establish a platform for communication and matchmaking between organizations of different types, bringing energy to the development of social innovation in Taiwan, creating a friendly environment, and exporting Taiwan's experience overseas.

Highlights of this summit:
-Invited International Keynote Speakers: Renowned personalities and experts including Jeffrey Sachs, who has been named one of TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People twice, is the Chair of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and holds positions at Columbia University as a professor and Director of the Center for Sustainable Development. Cliff Prior, the CEO of the Global Steering Group for Impact Investing (GSG), will share insights on the current state and challenges of global sustainable development in their keynote speeches.
-Integrating a Gender Perspective with SDG Goal 5: The summit's agenda incorporates a gender perspective into the discussions on various aspects such as climate change, financial strategies, and political participation. The integration of a gender perspective into global issues has become a trend, and this summit focuses on topics related to gender equality and women's empowerment to highlight Taiwan's efforts in this area.
-Combining Online and Offline Participation: To adapt to the challenges posed by the pandemic and to connect with Taiwan's local culture, the summit hosted 23 events over two days, featuring 79 well-known speakers from 19 countries. These events covered impact investing and 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including three keynote speeches, three workshops, 12 parallel forums, two fireside chats, two highlight platforms, and one high-level roundtable forum. In addition, there were peripheral events such as the "Young Changemakers Night," "Social Innovation Market," and "Social Innovation Field Trips." These activities aimed to promote collaboration and interactions within the community focused on sustainable development and social innovation. The summit saw a physical attendance of 1,256 people, with 1,506 viewers on the online live streaming platform, 185 attendees at the "Young Changemakers Night," 2,674 visitors to the "Social Innovation Market," and 65 participants in the "Social Innovation Field Trips." In total, 5,686 individuals joined the summit.

-In alignment with the theme "Investing Asia," the summit translates social innovation into tangible actions. For the first time, the summit introduced "Highlight Platforms," calling upon three social innovation entrepreneurship teams that have been working on women's empowerment and youth-related issues. These teams are part of the 4th Asia Pacific Social Innovation Summit held in 2021, and they are engaging in entrepreneurship presentations as part of a social innovation accelerator program. This platform provides these teams with more opportunities to be noticed by potential investors and gain access to capacity-building resources.




  1. 時間:2021年4月09-11日
  2. 地點:新板希爾頓酒店、新北市市民廣場
  3. 簡介:

第四屆亞太社會創新高峰會以「投資亞洲:創造永續韌性新紀元」為題,期待跨域夥伴共同為投資社會創新展開具體行動,推動環境、社會、經濟共好的價值。同時也為高峰會建立 不同類型組織溝通的平台與媒合機會,盼為臺灣社會創新發展帶 來動能、創造友善環境,更將臺灣經驗輸出到海外。


  • 邀請國際重磅講者:兩度獲選時代雜誌百大影響力人物、聯 合 國 永 續 發 展 解 決 方 案 網 絡 ( Sustainable Development Solutions Network)主席與哥倫比亞大學教授兼永續發展中心 主任 Jeffrey Sachs 以及是全球社會企業投資指導小組(Global Steering Group for Impact Investing, GSG)的首席執行長 Cliff Prior 於主題演講分享世界永續發展的現況與挑戰。
  • 以 SDG Goal 5為核心,將性別觀點融入議程設計:從討論氣 候變遷、財務策略、政治參與等面向之性別差異,國際上將 性別觀點融入議題已然成趨勢,本屆峰會將性別平等及女性 賦權等議題設計在議程中,更希望突顯臺灣在性別平等所做 的努力。
  • 結合線上與線下,擴大參與:為能因應疫情同時又能串連起臺灣在地文化,峰會兩日舉辦23場活動,同時邀請來自19國總共79位國內外知名講者分享影響力投資及17項永續發展目標(SDGs):包括3場主題演講、3場工作坊、12場平行論壇、2場爐邊對話、2場亮點平台、1場高階圓桌論壇,加上周邊活動:青創繁星之夜、社創市集 和社創小旅行,盼促進關注永續發展及社會創新的社群交流合作。兩日峰會線下參與人數達1,256人、線上觀看直播平台 累積有1,506人、青創繁星之夜185人、社創市集達2,674人, 社創小旅行有65人,總計有5,686人一起共襄盛舉。
  • 呼應主題「投資亞洲」,將社會創新化為具體行動:高峰會首 度推出「亮點平台」,號召亞太地區耕耘於女力與青年議題的 2021年第四屆亞太社會創新高峰會成果報告 3 社會創新創業團隊參與,以社會創新加速器計畫進行創業發 表,讓團隊有更多機會被潛在投資人看見、獲得培力資源。
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