2019 Asia Pacific Social Innovation Summit


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Date: May 10-12, 2019
Location: Kaohsiung Exhibition Center
We are currently facing one of the most challenging times in human history, with severe climate change, environmental pollution, unprecedented aging populations, exploding global population growth, widening wealth disparities, unequal resource distribution, racial conflicts, and humanitarian issues such as refugees. However, we now have the most advanced technology and knowledge, close international cross-disciplinary cooperation, and breakthrough innovative thinking, which empower us to face these challenges and simultaneously create a new paradigm for the well-being of humanity. In this context, ""social enterprises"" that focus on human and societal issues while maintaining a sustainability mindset within business organizations represent an essential development trend for the future.
Taiwan has long been renowned as a technology island. In recent years, it has started to gain international attention in the field of social enterprise, exerting a significant influence on the Asia-Pacific region and the world. In 2018, Taiwan hosted the first Asia-Pacific Social Enterprise Summit with the theme ""Tomorrow Asia,"" initiating a dialogue with international partners. In 2019, we aimed to continue the momentum of these exchanges and ""activate"" the social enterprise culture in the Asia-Pacific region, allowing the world to see Taiwan's experience and making Taiwan reach further than ever before. The summit took place in Kaohsiung, a thriving international city in southern Taiwan, and was hosted at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, the first multi-functional waterside exhibition center in Taiwan. This choice aimed to blend the characteristics of the emerging Asian Bay Area with the warmth of the southern region, creating a summit experience that connects with the local community, aligns with the world, and pursues sustainability while remaining close to the hearts of people.

2019 Asia-Pacific Social Enterprise Summit featured a wide range of activities, including the opening ceremony, keynote speeches, parallel forums, workshops, networking sessions, social enterprise market, social enterprise tours, and the closing ceremony. It attracted nearly 70 domestic and international experts and scholars, with speakers coming from over 15 countries. The summit was organized around one overarching theme, three guiding principles, five main directions, and seven key topics, which can be summarized as follows:
1. One Overarching Theme: ""Activate Asia""
The unique cultures and vibrant spirit of innovation in Asia not only drive local efforts but also have an undeniable global influence. We aimed to harness the power of collaboration, accumulate diverse insights, find future directions in the present, and discover innovative solutions to existing challenges.
2. 3 Guiding Principles: Sustainability, Locality, Technology
3. 5 Key Aspects: International Networking, Corporate Engagement, Public Advocacy, Amplifying Impact, Linking to SDGs
4. 7 critical issues: Technological Innovation, Marine Ecology, Climate Action, Circular Economy, Social Empowerment, Partnership, Corporate Social Innovation.

5. In addition to harnessing the power of central government, local government, and civil society organizations, there is also a first-time collaboration with the international organization ""Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF)"" to bring this summit and the forces of social innovation to a global audience, while introducing creativity and possibilities in various sustainable development issues.

Guiding Units: Executive Yuan, Kaohsiung City Government
Organizer: Xhinkids Social Welfare Foundation
Co-organizers: Impact Hub Taipei, Social Enterprise Insights
Global Partner: Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF), launched in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, in 2008. It travels to a different city every year, and it attracts the active participation of social enterprises from various countries, as well as experts, scholars, community leaders, public and private sectors, with more than 1,200 participants each year. It is considered a major international event. Each year, it brings together global social entrepreneurs to discuss and deliberate on policies, issues, and improvement methods related to social economics, promoting experience exchange and building social networks."




  1. 時間:2019年5月10-12日
  2. 地點:高雄展覽館
  3. 簡介:


過去臺灣以科技島聞名,近年來也開始因社會企業受到國際社會關注,對亞太地區 及全世界皆有舉足輕重的影響。2018年,臺灣第一屆亞太社會企業高峰會,以「明日 亞洲」為題,開啟與國際夥伴的對話;2019年,我們期許延續交流的動力,「啟動」 亞太地區的社企文化,讓全球看見臺灣經驗,讓臺灣走向無遠弗屆。在臺灣南方最繁華 的國際城市,選擇座落高雄港邊、全台第一座多功能臨港會展中心-高雄展覽館做為高 峰會辦理地點,希望融合亞洲新灣區的特色與南部素有的熱情,創造連結在地、接軌世界、追求永續亦貼近人心的峰會體驗。

2019年亞太社會企業高峰會涵蓋開幕式、主題演講、平行論壇、工作坊、交流活 動、社會企業市集、社企小旅行及閉幕式,邀請近70位國內外專家學者蒞臨,國外講者更來自超過15個國家。以一個主軸、三個原則、五個方向及七個議題規劃高峰會議程內容,摘要如下:

  1. 一個主軸:「啟動亞洲 Activate Asia」 亞洲的獨特文化與活躍的創新精神,不僅引動在地的力量,更對全球趨勢帶來 不可忽視的影響。我們期待自此觸發協作的能量,積累多元的智慧,從現況找 到未來的方向,自問題中發掘創新的解法。
  2. 三個原則:


  1. 五個方向:


  1. 七個議題:


  1. 除集結中央政府、地方政府及民間團體的力量,亦首度與國際組織「社會企業世界論壇」(Social Enterprise World Forum, SEWF)合作,將本次高峰會及社會創新力量傳向 全球,同時帶進各項永續發展議題的創意與可能性。
  1. 議程:


  1. 主協辦單位:
  • 指導單位:行政院、高雄市政府
  • 主辦單位:財團法人喜憨兒社會福利基金會
  • 共同主辦:Impact Hub Taipei、社企流
  • 全球夥伴:社會企業世界論壇(Social Enterprise World Forum,SEWF),2008 年於英國愛丁堡開辦,每年前往一個城市,各國社會企業及各方專家學 者、社區組織領導、公私部門等都相當積極參與,與會人數超過 1,200 人,堪 稱國際間一大盛事。每年薈萃全球社會企業家,一同討論及思辨社會經濟相關 政策、議題及改善方式,進行經驗交流及連結社交網絡。


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