2020 Asia Pacific Social Innovation Summit


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Date: September 21-25, 2020
Location: Entirely Live-Streamed
Social innovation is the application of technological or business model innovations to alter the interactions among various groups in society. Through such changes, it seeks to discover new pathways to address social issues using innovative methods. Notably, "social enterprises," which emphasize the triple bottom line of social, environmental, and financial values, are an important development trend in various Asia-Pacific countries.
In recent years, Taiwan's diverse social enterprise development has gained international attention, influencing the Asia-Pacific region and the world at large. The 1st Asia Pacific Social Enterprise Summit in 2018, with the theme "Tomorrow in Asia," initiated dialogues with international partners. The 2nd Asia Pacific Social Enterprise Summit in 2019 continued the momentum, fostering exchanges among social enterprises within the Asia-Pacific region. The 2020 Asia Pacific Social Innovation Summit aimed to make Taiwan's experience visible to the world, embarking from Taiwan to envision the next steps for social enterprise development in the Asia-Pacific region. Its goal was to collaboratively create a more favorable and mature ecosystem for social innovation.

Due to the impact of the novel coronavirus, it is not suitable to hold physical forum events this year. Therefore, this year's summit has been adjusted to an online format, featuring online forums, virtual thematic programs, curated exhibitions, a virtual marketplace, and social innovation exchange forums. The overarching theme is ""Reimagine Asia: Imagining the Next Milestone of Asia-Pacific Social Innovation."" The event will explore how social innovation can adapt to societal upheavals and address the topics of this digital transformation summit in the context of three major visions, three key goals, and the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Furthermore, this year's summit has been invited by the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) to jointly host the SEWF Digital Forum. During the summit on September 23 and 24, the SEWF forum content will be broadcast, and the first one thousand participants in the Asia-Pacific Social Innovation Summit will receive online viewing passes for the SEWF forum."





  1. 時間:2022年9月21-25日
  2. 地點:峰會全程直播
  3. 簡介:

社會創新是藉由科技或商業模式的創新應,改變社會各群體間的互動關係,並從這 樣的改變中,找到解決社會問題的新途徑,也就是創新的法來解決社會問題。其中,強調兼顧社會、環境價值與獲利能三重標經營的「社會企業」,更是亞太 各國重要的發展趨勢。

近年來,臺灣也因為社會企業多元的發展受到國際社群關注,對亞太地區及全球皆有 舉輕重的影響。2018 年,第屆亞太社企峰會,以「明亞洲」為題,開啟與 國際夥伴的對話;2019 年,第屆亞太社企峰會延續對話的動,啟動亞太地區 的社企交流;我們期許,2020 年的亞太社創峰會,讓世界看臺灣經驗,從臺灣出發,想像亞太地區社會企業發展的下哩路,共同打造更友善與成熟的社會創新⽣態系統。
由於新型冠狀病毒影響,不適合辦理線下實體論壇活動,因此本年峰會規劃調整為線上峰會形式辦理,其中包括線上論壇、線上主題節、線上策展、虛擬市集以及社 創交流論壇,並以「想響亞洲:想像亞太社會創新的下哩路」為主軸出發,從三願景、三⼤⽬標及七項聯合國永續發展標,來共同探討社會創新如何因應社會劇變及規劃本次的數位轉型峰會之議題內容。

今年度峰會也受到社會企業世界論壇(Social Enterprise World Forum, SEWF)的邀請,共同聯名舉辦 SEWF 數位論壇,因此於峰會期間 9 23 9 24 ,協助轉播 SEWF 之論壇內容,亞太社創數位峰會前千名的參加者,亦可獲得SEWF 論壇線上觀看票卷。

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