2022 Asia Pacific Social Innovation Summit


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Date: May 14-15, 2022
Location: The entire summit will be live-streamed, and the Social Innovation Market will be held at the Chimei Culture Village in Tainan City
In May 2021,during the preparations for the summit, Taiwan’s COVID-19 situation intensified, affecting various aspects of society and this prompted us to reevaluate the focus of the summit. Over the past year, many countries have paid a heavy price during the pandemic. Each time they attempt to lift restrictions, new variants of the virus introduce uncertainties.With insufficient vaccine production and significantly lagging vaccination rates, countries in the Asia-Pacific region face serious challenges. People started to realize that rather than hoping to return to the pre-pandemic normalcy, we should actively seek to coexist with the virus in the foreseeable future, even for the next several years or decades, and rebuild a "healthy" and "robust" "new normal." Therefore, the theme of the 2022 summit is officially "Normal Asia."

Building a new normal in the face of the pandemic's impact naturally implies a focus on improving existing social systems with a core emphasis on "people." However, the "environment" is equally crucial for human survival. Reassessing the relationship between "environment" and "people" and contributing to the sustainable development of all humanity while creating a healthy and sustainable environment to address the risks of a changing climate have become even more important. Consequently, under the theme of "Normal Asia," two major aspects have been developed to focus and implement the topics:

1. The practice of Net-Zero Carbon Emissions and Sustainable Environment through Social Innovation:
To keep global warming below the critical threshold of 1.5°C, thus avoiding irreversible climate change leading to natural disasters, there is a global consensus to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Conserving forests and oceans to maintain environmental sustainability is essential for enhancing disaster resilience in human living environments. We attempt to think about this from a social innovation perspective, reflecting on existing business models and production methods to achieve harmony between people and the environment, and reduce the impact and harm caused by natural disasters. In addition to discussing relevant topics, this year's summit will also integrate the concept of "net-zero carbon emissions" into the overall design of the event, opening a green forum in a more environmentally friendly manner that innovates and deviates from the previous models, with the hope of setting a good example and creating an event model. 

2. Response to the Impact of the Pandemic through Social Innovation:
With the global spread of the pandemic, not only have preexisting social problems been exacerbated, but new social issues have also emerged.In response to the pandemic's impact, we hope to introduce the mindset of social innovation to explore solutions to various problems. While addressing the impact of the pandemic, we also hope to help each member of society become more responsible producers in terms of the environment and labor, ultimately achieving harmony between individuals.

As described under the theme of "Normal Asia," the summit's structure is detailed as follows. Within the two major aspects mentioned above, we will establish specialized discussions and develop several actionable plans that are aligned with SDGs objectives and are feasible, locally relevant, and forward-looking. We hope that attendees will take these new experiences and ways of thinking back to their cities or areas of influence to further transform and implement them.


  1. 時間:2022年5月14-15日
  2. 地點:峰會全程直播、社創市集於台南市西⽵圍之丘⽂創園區辦理
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