Appendix 1: Application Form

  • Section 1: Applicant details
  • Section 3: Information of the Case
※All fields marked with an asterisk () are required.
  • The Award Category for Application
    Category of the Organization
    Scale of the Organization
    Section 2: Contact information
    Contact Person
    Phone Number
  • 1. Basic details

    Name of the Case
    Starting Time
    End Time
    Corresponding SDGs( one or multiple, please select three or less main SDG)
    ※All applications should connect with Goal 17 “Partnerships”, to achieve the core value of social innovation partnership award.
    Please introduce the case
    1) What is the social issue you want to resolve? What's the cause of this issue?
    2) What's the solution provided in this case?

    2. Please explain how your case impacts the society and resolves the social issue from the following four aspects

    1) Innovation
    How does the project make use of innovative way to break out of business as usual? For example, a new business model is built, or you make use of technologies, science and knowledge. What’s innovative about these factors you include in the project? What’s the positive impact the project has on the society?
    ※Please list the innovative factors.
    Description (positive impact)
    Difference to business as usual
    E.g. big data
    Use big data to analyze how social welfare organizations provide services.
    Effectively measure the efficiency and reduce waste.
    2) Diversity
    What organizations or stakeholders which are of different fields and industries does the case bring together? You may explain how the partner organization contributes to the case based on its core capability, industrial background and past experience, and how you collaborate. If different partner organizations play the same role in the case, please list all of them in the same column.
    ※Please list as many as possible
    Partner organization
    Organization type
    Contribution and way of collaboration
    E.g. Taipei City Government, Taoyuan City Government
    Local government
    Help attract enterprises or investment entities which are willing to fund the case.
    3) Sustainability
    Please explain how the case or the business model are sustainable and how it could echo Environment, Social and Governance (ESG for short) in its operation.

    Here are some questions you could answer:

    Regarding ESG:
    Does the case incur extra environmental costs during operation? Does it take care of the needs of all the stakeholders? What are the core abilities your organization which will allow for sustainable operations of the case?

    Regarding Sustainable business model:
    How much fund does the case need for one year or for the whole case period? How is the fund used? Where do you get the fund?
    Sustainable factor
    business model
    4) Impact
    What are the key actions of the case? What are the short-term and measurable results of those actions? What long-term and less measurable changes will those results bring about? What is the impact of the changes and which SDG does the impact belong to?
    ※Please list the impact and describe it clearly.
    Key action
    Impact (SDG)
    E.g. Build a school
    100 students every year
    Literacy rate increases 1%
    Better education (SDG#4)

    3. Please describe the major pain points and challenges of the case.
    ※The answer will only be used of the design of the social impact workshop.

    Please describe the major pain points or challenges of the case from one of the 10 aspects listed below.

    • 1) Social purpose
      • - We find it hard to formulate the social issue to resolve or the social value to create, and we can’t envision what effects the case will have.
    • 2) Market
      • - We find it hard to understand the market, find our niche and figure out who our competitors are.
    • 3) Propositions and brands
      • - We find it hard to understand what our customers are looking for, and we don’t know how to position our brand/product.
    • 4) Customers and channels
      • - We find it hard to categorize our target customers, figure out how much revenue each type of customers and channels generate, as well as find future opportunities.
    • 5) Financial outcomes
      • - We find it hard to control the financial status of the case and figure out clear financial goals and plans for action.
    • 6) Core business process
      • - We don’t have a core business process to connect our operations to a business model that caters to the need of market.
    • 7) Governance and risks control
      • - We find it hard to facilitate cross-department collaboration, decision making process and internal management. We lack the ability to understand and control external and internal risks.
    • 8) People and culture
      • - We find it hard to establish a business culture, leadership and team to realize our goals.
    • 9) Measures and incentives
      • - We don’t have a clear measuring or tacking method of performances and we don’t know how to incentivize people.
    • 10) Social impact evaluation
      • - We find it hard to measure the social impact the case has, and we don’t’ have the ability to set up a mid-term or long-term social mission.
    Type (please select one)
    Section 4: Supporting information
    1. Please provide some supporting documents, e.g. photos, powerpoint presentations or other documents that can support the application. Each file should not exceed 20 mb .
    2. Please provide a link of your proving video (YouTube, website, etc.). Please note that videos should only be summitted as a link.
    3. Please as the referrer to fill in the recommendation form if applicable.
    Upload Reference Form PDF