• Section 1: Applicant details
  • Section 3: Information of the Case
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  • The Award Category for Application
    Applying for Special Jury Prize
    Applicant (Name of the Organization)
    Category of the Organization
    Scale of the Organization
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    Section 2: Contact information
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  • 1. Basic details

    Name of the Case
    Starting Time
    End Time
    Corresponding SDGs( one or multiple, please select three or less main SDG)
    ※All applications should connect with Goal 17 “Partnerships”, to achieve the core value of social innovation partnership award.
    Please introduce the case
    Please refer to the following questions and answer (less than 200 words)
    1) What is the social issue you want to resolve? What is the cause of this issue?
    2) What is the social goal you want to achieve?
    3) What is the solution provided in this case?
    4) What quantitative or qualitative results has your case achieve?
    ※The answer in this column would also be used as the introduction for the finalist and winners.

    2. Please explain how your case impacts the society and resolves the social issue from the following four aspects

    1) Innovation (25%)
    Please explain how the project makes use of technologies, science and knowledge to breaks out of business as usual (BAU).
    Please answer the questions as below (less than 600 words):
    How does the case make use of innovative way to break out of business as usual (BAU)? What are the differences between BAU and the innovative factors? How is the positive impact related to the innovative factors in the case?
    ※If there are multiple innovative factors in your case, please list them separately and answer every question as above.
    2) Diversity (25%)
    Please explain how the case engages multiple stakeholders to facilitate crossover collaboration.
    2-1) Please describe what organizations or stakeholders which are of different fields and industries the case brings together and what the roles are for each? (less than 600 words):
    2-2) How the partner organization contributes to the case based on its core capability, industrial background and experience? How you collaborate with each partner and are they material or irreplaceable to the solution? (less than 1,000 words):
    ※If there are multiple partners in your case, please list them separately and answer every question as above.
    3) Sustainability (20%)
    Please explain how the case or the business model are sustainable and how it could echo Environment, Social and Governance (ESG for short) in its operation.
    3-1) Please answer the questions regarding ESG as below (less than 600 words) :
    Does the case try to reduce extra environmental costs during operation? Does it take care of the needs of all the stakeholders? What are the core abilities of your organization which will allow for sustainable operations of the case?
    3-2) Please answer the questions regarding sustainable business model as below (less than 600 words) :
    What is the business model of the case? How much fund does the case need for one year or for the whole case period? How is the fund used? Where do you get the fund?
    4) Impact (30%)
    Please explain how the case connects to the SDGs based on the “Theory of Change,” including the outputs, outcomes, and social impacts.
    4-1) Please answer the questions as below(less than 600 words) :
    Outputs:What are the short-term and measurable outputs of the case?
    Outcomes:What are the long-term quantitative or qualitative changes brough about by those outputs?
    ※If there are multiple results and impact in your case, please list them separately and answer every question as above.
    4-2) Please describe what are the positive social impacts created by the case? How does the case evaluate its social impacts? (less than 500 words)
    Section 4: Supporting information
    1. Please provide 2 photos of the cases.
    Please provide at least 1 supporting document, e.g. PowerPoint presentations or other documents that can support the application. The files should not exceed 20 MB.
    3. Please provide a link of your proving video (YouTube, website, etc.). Please note that videos should only be summitted as a link.
    4. Please as the referrer to fill in the recommendation form if applicable.
    Upload Reference Form PDF